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Founded in 2015 by Martin; however, Cheapflights2Asia has come a long way from its beginning. Before Martin decided to start build Cheapestflights2.Asia, his passion for traveling around the most beautiful places in the world. As a travel-lover over 10 years, he been to every Asian country, he seen the most amazing view; he felt the most honest culture and he fell in love with those places. He made made friends in those counties, shared his opinion, value and life with people, and he definitely knew what the travelers needs for during traveling. So he started to share the way how to make people’s traveling becomes more affordable.

Providing the best information about on sale airline tickets information drove him to do intense research, and gave him the impetus to hard work and focus on the website. We now serve the audiences from all over the world, and we aim to be our audiences’ the best promo fares information provider.

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