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NOkair: Mobile Special Deal Promo. Fly from 847 Baht All-in!

Planning a vacation in Thailand? And you want to travel faster with less hassle and still on the budget? NokAir has the answer for that with their newest promo that gives a Special price for booking your ticket with your mobile and tablet devices. Fly any where in Thailand with all their domestic flights with a fare that starts as low as 849 THB to 1,049 THB. Booking period is from 2-6 March 2016 and Travel period is from 9 March- 30 September 2016. Plan for your next destination and book now!

Save time and save money! Instead of taking long road trip with buses or tour vans or taxis now you can just fly fast. Thailand has so much to offer with their beautiful country that rich with white sand beaches, huge temples and wonderful mountains. Enjoy your vacation and go to other places after staying in the city of Bangkok. Get to know more about the country explore further and experience more of Thailand.

NokAir is a Thai Domestic Flight with Professional-friendly service.

Fly from Bangko (Don Mueang) to:         All inclusive fare:

Phitsanulok                                                           849 THB
Udon Thani                                                           849 THB
Ubon Ratchathani                                               849 THB
Khon Kaen                                                             849 THB
Sakon Nakhon                                                       849 THB
Nakhon Phanom                                                   849 THB
Krabi                                                                       849 THB
Surat Thani                                                            849 THB
Nakhon Si Thammarat                                        849 THB

Chiang Rai                                                              949 THB
Chiang Mai                                                             949 THB
Hat Yai                                                                    949 THB
Buri Ram                                                                 949 THB
Phuket                                                                      949 THB
Nan                                                                           949 THB
Roi Et                                                                       949 THB
Trang                                                                        949 THB
Lampang                                                                  949 THB
Loei                                                                           949 THB

Chumphon                                                               1,049 THB
Mae Sot                                                                     1,049 THB
Phrae                                                                         1,049 THB
Ranong                                                                      1,049 THB
Yangon                                                                      1,049 THB
Ho Chi Minh City                                                    1,049 THB
Hanoi                                                                         1,049 THB
Chiang Mai–Udon Thani                                      1,049 THB

Please Notice:

  • Sales period starts from now till 2 – 6 March 2016
  • All of travel period will be from 9 March – 30 September 2016
  • Promo fares for one-way travel only.
  • Price includes Tax and Fee.
  • Price includes 15 kg. baggage.
  • Price includes snack on board
  • Price includes seat selection
  • Free WiFi at airport
  • Mobile Check-in


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